The Workplace Impact With New Technologies Like the Apple Watch


The future of work will be a workplace where workers are remote, project teams are created to work on a project and then dismantled for another project and technology will be unifier. The skills workers of the future will need will be adaptability, flexibility, increased desire to provide customized solutions for each other and for customers.

With the soon to be launch of the new Apple Watch there is another advance in how technology can be leveraged to improve our lives and work.

With the Apple Watch you can read emails, summon Siri, receive calls and track fitness goals on your watch. Facebook alerts, WeChat messages and Twitter trends can also be beamed your wrist without pulling out your smartphone.

Apple’s first wearable gadget beams messages, Facebook updates and simplified apps to our wrists, eliminating the all-too-common need to take out our devices to constantly check notifications. So how does increasingly simple technology improve how we interact with each other? We will communicate with more ease AND will need to increase people connection skills.

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New Leadership Language Needed For Future Workplace

leadershiplanguageThe evolution of leadership from autocratic to inclusive is a journey that many leaders are still looking to master. Making the change from a mindset of authority and power towards a mindset of sharing successes and equalization of power is a big one.

One of the key ingredients of leading change is the ability to lead with the new leadership language that is required to inspire and engage today’s workforce and to set the tone for the future workplace.


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Why Great Leaders Are Hard to Find

hbrcoverleaders If there is one thing that CEO’s tell me they are looking for right now its great leaders.

An IBM survey in 2012 stated that companies main focus is technology. With the increase on focus on technology there is an increased need for extraordinary leadership. Leaders who can skillfully maneuver the fast paced change of technology AND have increased agility in leading change and influencing teams to greater results is increasingly hard to find. Why?

In my research and focus groups on what makes a great leader it seems that the skills of what USED to constitute a great leader have not been upgraded.

With the influx of technology there is a whole bunch of leaders using outdated skills – all leaders need to upgrade the leadership OS in order to be a GREAT leader in today’s reality.

What does that mean and what will it take to find the great leaders that are out there?

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2015 The Year of “Conscious” Business In Practice

consciousbusiness The concept of conscious business has been around for a while.

Many believe that Anita Roddick pioneered the conscious business movement with her company, The Body Shop in 1976. This company has been an environmental leader, and worked to support various activist causes including putting an end to animal testing, and defending human rights.

An overwhelming amount of conscious businesses can be found in the health food industry as well as the LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) market. However, today conscious businesses can be found emerging in almost all aspects of the business world.

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Leadership Infographic on Leadership 2014 and Leadership 2015

2014 has been a year of technological innovations, increasing speed of change and leaders working to stay abreast of changes while innovating, engaging teams and growing the business.

The biggest shift for businesses from 2014 to 2015 is a shift to doing business in a new way, an evolutionary way that includes upgrading the leadership OS.

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Future of Work – 3 Types of People Needed Today

futureofworkThe future of work is here with us now.

What does it take for leaders and teams to be ready and to have the skills needed to match the speed of change and the speed of technology?

It takes a new operating system and specifically a new leadership operating system. Leaders and teams need to rewire the brain and to apply new evolutionary ways of thinking and doing things in order to morph to the fast changing business reality.

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The Upgraded Leadership Operating System

superbrainIn a previous post I talked about the recruiting and retention of good people challenges that keep many a CEO up at night.

And there is another challenge that organizations and leaders have right now and that is upgrading the skills and the abilities of the leadership.

Traditional training modules on leadership skills, communication skills, change management skills, emotional intelligence are useful tools to elevate leadership ability. However the bigger learning and training opportunity is to arm leaders and their teams with new models and systems that will help them to upgrade their leadership operating system.

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Recruiting For the Future Workplace Today

welcometothefuture You have heard about it and CEO’s are kept awake at night worrying about it. The war for talent for the future workplace today.

Questions like:

Where do we find high performing talent who can fit into our culture and hit the ground running?

How do we align our need for talent with our willingness to teach and train new hires?

How can we leverage our on boarding process to ensure that when we find good people  they stick around for at least a year or two?

These questions are a great starting point for outcome based recruitment and there are additional questions that can help to shed light on what needs to be done to improve the recruitment process.

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The Value In Reviewing What’s Worked and What Can Be Done Better As a Leader

quote-don-t-demand-perfection-but-insist-on-continuous-improvement-anonymous-352586There is a process that I learned  when I interned with a consulting firm in the early nineties. This process has held me in good stead in my own consulting practice and has been a continuous valuable tool for my clients.

The process is the ‘continuous improvement process’ and it includes the use of many words that begin with the letters ‘re’ word such as review, renew, relearn and more.

Continuous improvement requires a consistent intention to evaluate what has worked, what hasn’t and what can be done the next time around.

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Top Ten Signs That A Leader Needs to Take Time to “Reset”

BELL-6437-2Have you ever had one of those days or even weeks where everything goes just a wee bit crazy?

People get angry for seemingly no reason or the wheels come off of a project that seemed to be going along well or you get triggered by someones behavior in a highly reactive way.

When things get chaotic it is often a sign and a time for us as leaders to hit the ‘reset’ button.

When we are on the other side of the period of time of chaos we can see that there was a necessary ‘clearing’ of energy or an opportunity to ‘clear the air’ and start anew with greater awareness and learning.

When we are in the ‘crazy’ stuff we often ask ourselves ‘why’ stuff is happening or we may overreact to the situation or the way other people are behaving.

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