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Keynote speaker, leadership keynote speaker, professional keynote speaker, call it what you will the fact of the matter is Cheryl speaks to audiences all over the world and delivers messages that are evolutionary, 100% relevant, and you walk away with usable content.

Leading Change in a Fast Paced and Technological Workplace


CAPS2012IMAG-300x200This change and evolutionary leadership keynote is for leaders and their teams who are in working in fast paced, multi generational and changing workplaces.

The future will prove to be times of innovation and will require high levels of contribution from evolutionary leaders and their teams.


Now it is time to focus on the future and move forward with aligned focus on vision and results.


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Lead With 2020 Vision- Building the Workplace of the Future Today 


CAPSLongShotAudience-300x200What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2020?

Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, uncertain economies and changing workplace dynamics.

Different generational attitudes are shaping where we work, how we work and when we work. As leaders we are the ones to set the vision, the positive environment for collaboration and the probability for success.

This keynote will provide insight, humor and creative ideas on how leaders can increase team buy in through their 2020 vision.


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Lead Change, Transform People & Grow Business


GSFPresentationGSA-300x200In today’s fast paced and fast changing workplace, leaders have more pressure than ever before.

There is a higher need for leaders in business to evolve their leadership abilities, to create more engagement with employees and to increase innovation and collaboration among their teams.

In this keynote, Cheryl Cran provides an evolutionary leadership model that provides leaders with a tool to lead change, transform people and ultimately grow business.

Drawing upon years of research, Cheryl will define what it means to ‘be an evolutionary leader’ in today’s workplace and how can we embrace this concept.


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Leading Change With Energy, Passion and Power


Cheryl Keynote GSAWhat does it mean to lead with energy, passion and power?

We are all moving at break neck speeds to meet our objectives and we are dealing with multiple priorities. Leading change in today’s fast paced reality means that now more than ever we need to have heightened emotional intelligence, we need to leverage feedback and we need to know ourselves as leaders in order to get the best out of the people we lead.

In this motivating and energetic opening keynote you will leave with insight to the following questions:


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Evolutionary Leadership Skills that Attract and Keep the Top Talent


US Conference Board states we will continue to be challenged with ongoing skilled labor shortage. Certain industries are experiencing this already- agriculture, food, trucking and oil & gas to name a few.

As quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent. What can we do?

Leadership expert Cheryl Cran provides tried and true strategies for attracting and retaining good people. It is time to create rather than compete when it comes to finding the right people and then providing leadership strategies to increase retention.


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