Meeting Planners

Hello meeting planners! I know that your job is one of the most difficult on the planet- putting together a meeting or an event that makes the majority of people happy.

I know that being a meeting and convention planner is a stressful job, that’s why I pride myself on being easy to work with, I see myself as your partner and my goal is to provide an extraordinary presentation for your client and provide exemplary service before, during and after the event.

Please feel free to check my schedule here: Speaking Schedule

To place a hold please feel free to use the Online Assistant you can check hold dates and place a hold- my office will confirm the date with you upon receipt of the hold request

For the quickest access to Audio/Visual, Photos, Blurbs, Introductions and more just click here and it will take you to my ESpeakers library which holds everything you need in regards to booking me for your meeting or event.

I do a lot of customization for my speaking engagements and I prefer to provide you with a custom introduction that is relevant to your group as well as a custom write up/blurb. Once we book the event we have our first pre-event call I often create a pre event survey for your attendees through survey monkey as well  and then I immediately send you the custom information you need to publicize for your meeting. I have also written custom articles for clients that they publish in their newsletters or websites either before, during or after the meeting.

I am fairly active on social media and am happy to create a You Tube video for your to send out, as well as blog, tweet and spread the word about your event.

Once you book me I am yours while I am there, if you want me to attend a breakfast, lunch or dinner prior to my scheduled speaking time I am happy to do that AND I even sang karaoke at an event for a client when their planned entertainment fell through! I don’t recommend that though……….


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